Flexible diamond nail files




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For weak, brittle natural nails.

*Also used as a finishing file.



For regular strength natural nails.

Ideal for most nail types as a maintenance file.



For very thick natural

nails, toe nails and sculptured nails.







Semi-flexible diamond nail files






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#4 – Extra Coarse

Powerful file for major filing of sculptured nails.

Excellent for acrylic nails.


#6 – Medium

Very thick natural nails.

Toe nails.

Finishing file for all types of sculptured nails.







Hand and Finger callus file





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#5-Hand and Finger Callus File

Gently removes dry, hard skin on each side of the nails.

It's flexibility and contoured shape allows easy maneuvering around

the nails.

*For best results use on dry hands

*Do not use on nails or cuticles








Cleaning Instructions

Diamancel diamond beauty care files work best when kept clean.

Keep yours in top condition by cleaning them with soapy water and a soft brush.

Rinse under running water. For maximum sanitization, soak files in antibacterial solution.








Note: For professionnal Use, see our Trade Fact Sheets











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