Foot Callus Rasp #20




*The most powerful file to safely reduce hard corns and major calluses without having to use a blade.

*Ideal for dry thick cracked heels.

*For a smooth finish, follow with the Diamancel Foot Buffer #10.



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Foot Buffers



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Foot Buffer #10 - Fine

Exfoliates dry skin, ideal for a smooth finish.

Foot Buffer #11 - Medium

For regular maintenance between pedicures.



Cleaning Instructions

Diamancel diamond beauty care files work best when kept clean.

Keep yours in top condition by cleaning them with soapy water and a soft brush.

Rinse under running water.




Use with caution in case or diabetes or circulatory impairment.




For best results use on dry feet.







Note: For professionnal Use, see our Trade Fact Sheets.







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