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Choose the right Diamancel files for your nails

It is important to know your nails well, to use the file appropriate to their qualities.

Here are the different categories of nails that can be found:

  • Fin, fragile and prone to break natural fingernails
  • Average thickness natural fingernails
  • Thick natural fingernails
  • Toenails
  • Sculptured nails- resin, gel or acrylic false nails

Here is a little summary that will help you make the right choice of your file:

For fragile and prone to break fingernails, use our #1 fine grit flexible file for a precise, smooth and even finish.

For most average thickness fingernails, use our #2 medium grit flexible file. For a smoother finish, follow by our #1 fine grit file. Alternatively to our #2 file, our #6 semi-flexible can be used for a slightly more abrasive and less flexible file.

For thick natural fingernails, use our #3 coarse flexible grit file and follow by our #2 medium flexible grit file. For an even smoother finish, follow by our #1 fine grit file.

 For toenails, use our #3 coarse grit flexible file. For a smooth finish, follow by our #6 semi-flexible medium grit file. Alternatively to #6 file, our #2 can be used for a slightly more fine and flexible file.

To shape and maintain sculptured nails– resin, gel or acrylic false nails, our #4 extra-coarse semi-flexible grit file is the indispensable tool for a beauty professional to shape sculptured nails. Once shaped, use our #3 coarse grit file to smoother and maintain over time.

For calluses beside nails, use our #5 file to gently remove dry skin on both sides of nails. For beauty professionals, use #5 file to remove calluses prior to applying sculptured nails.