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Diamancel offers a kit of 2 files and 2 foot buffers


This set of 4 diamond  foot files  is an ideal assortment for everyone, from the comfort of their home, as well as beauty and health professionals who want to provide their clients with high-quality services, while saving money on our products. With this variety of  toenail files ,  callus file and foot buffers,  every aspect of foot beauty and health care is covered. Our durable therefore economical and hygienic  files  have been salon-tested and are safe, thanks to their smooth, non-cutting contours . Get this set today and you'll have it for life!

Included in this kit:

# 3 Flexible file - Coarse

Designed for thick natural nails, toenails and sculptured nails.

# 6 Semi-flexible file - Medium

With its rough texture and semi-flexible, durable design, this medium-grit nail file can easily file thick nails, as well as toenails. Can also be used as finishing file for sculptured nails.

# 22 Foot callus file- Coarse

The diamond # 22 foot callus buffer coarse is your ally for removing big calluses from the feet quickly and effectively.

# 10 Foot buffer- Fine

Durable, hygienic and ergonomic, thanks to its rubber handle, the # 10 foot buffer-Fine is perfect for finishing, exfoliating dry, rough skin for smooth feet.

Read the article from our BLOG about foot callus files and buffers: How to use Diamancel foot callus files and foot callus buffers


Our diamond files work better when they are cleaned. Wash them with soapy water with a soft brush, then rinse them with water. Dry before storing.

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