Duo hands false nails: nail file #3 coarse and nail file #6 medium

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Diamancel offers the #3 and #6 nail files set for false nails.

Get a special price for these two Diamancel false nail files in real diamond. This duo of false nails files is ideal for the maintenance of hands false nails: gel resin sculptured nails and acrylic fingernails.

It includes the flexible file # 3 with coarse diamond grit and the semi-flexible file # 6 with medium diamond grit.

Diamancel advises to use in the following order:

The coarse # 3 flexible nail file. #3 Flexible file – CoarseThis Diamancel file in real diamond is ideal for filing your sculpted gel or resin nails and acrylic nails.

The medium # 6 semi-flexible nail file designed for finishing gel or resin sculpted nails and acrylic nails.  #6 Semi-flexible file – Medium+

Advantages of Diamancel nail files:

  • Durable
  • Economic
  • Safe
  • Washable
  • Sanitary
  • High professional quality
  • Used by beauty professionals in salons.

The real diamond Diamancel nail files are more durable and efficient than any others files on the market. For a personal and regular use, the Diamancel nail files will last for years.


Our nail files work better when they are cleaned. Wash them often with soapy water with a soft brush, then rince them with water.

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