File La Petite Diamancel 2-Medium


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Color: White

Diamond nail file #2 in La Petite Diamancel size.

The La Petite Diamancel 2 nail file has the same diamond grit as the # 2 Flexible file – Medium.

This travel size diamond nail file is designed for natural nails of average thickness.

You can file back and forth without damaging your nails.

Size of the La Petite Diamancel 2 nail file in cm: 10.6 X 1.3    in inches: 4.17 X 0.511

The many advantages of the La Petite Diamancel 2 nail file:

  • Durable file because made of real diamond.
  • Economic.
  • Efficient file.
  • Safe thanks to its smooth and rounded edges.
  • Easy to use because flexible.
  • Hygienic because can be washed.
  • Sanitary because can be disinfected.
  • Diamancel quality used by professionals since 1994.


Diamancel files are most effective when they are cleaned. Wash them regularly with soapy water and a soft brush, then rinse them with water. Dry before storing.

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