Set Of 30 Mini 2 Nail Files Medium


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Color: Pink


Discounted set of 30 real diamond Mini 2 nail files  in medium grit .

Beauty professionals, increase your income by offering your customers these practical and compact Diamancel Mini files in your salon or Spa. Buy this set of 30 diamond Mini nail files in medium grit at reduced price plus your PRO discount. Your clients will be able to use them to give their nails the most precise finish on a daily basis. The Diamancel Mini 2 nail file is for people with natural nails with medium thickness. This small nail file will be an essential manicure item for your client, always in her handbag or manicure set.

The Mini 2 nail files have the same diamond grit as the # 2 Flexible file-Medium .

Advantages for your clients to get one Mini nail file Diamancel:

  • durable file because made of real diamond.
  • economic.
  • efficient file.
  • safe.
  • very easy to use because flexible.
  • washable and hygienic.
  • professional high quality.
  • used since 1994 by professionals and public.


Diamancel files are most effective when they are cleaned. Wash them regularly with soapy water and a soft brush, then rinse them with water. Dry before storing.

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