4 Foot Files Set

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Get a discounted DIAMANCEL foot files set.

Our set of 4  foot files  includes our most popular files for nails and calluses, enabling you to enjoy professional-quality  foot care.  Our # 3-coarse grit flexible file and # 6-medium grit  semi-flexible file will provide your  toenails  with a precise and clean finish. Next, our # 20-coarse  foot callus file  will significantly reduce the size and appearance of your calluses. And last, our # 10-fine grit foot buffer will remove all the dry, rough skin, leaving your feet soft and smooth. Thanks to their exclusive diamond filing surface, this set of 4 files promises incredibly soft feet, while also helping you save money on our products.

Included in this kit:

  • # 3 Flexible file - Coarse
    Designed for filling toenails.
  • # 6 Semi-flexible file - Medium+
    With its rough texture and semi-flexible, durable design, this medium+ grit nail file can easily work as a finishing file for toenails.
  • # 20 Foot callus file- Coarse
    This powerful rasp decrease important foot calluses. Use right before the # 10 file.
  • # 10 Foot buffer- Fine    # 10 Foot callus buffer- Fine
    Durable, hygienic and ergonomic, thanks to its rubber handle, the fine-grit polishing file for feet is perfect for exfoliating dry, rough skin.

How to use Diamancel foot callus files and foot callus buffers


Our nail files work better when they are cleaned. Use them on dry feet to obtain the best results. Wash them after each use with soapy water with a soft brush, then rinse them with water. Dry before storing.

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