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Cleaning files at home

Cleaning and disinfection of manicure and pedicure tools and animal claw files to avoid possible transmission of disease or infection.

Why clean.

All Diamancel files, the Classic range, the new Diam’Color and Sacha animal claw files have been made with the same process and same material for 25 years in Montreal. We use a fiberglass base and not metal, which makes them flexible and real diamond, the abrasive which makes them so durable.

At home, when you use your nail file, your foot buffer to remove the dry skin from your heels, or file your pet’s claws, think about cleaning. Indeed, especially if several members of the family use them, it is very important to clean them to avoid the transmission of an infection, fungus …

Cleaning diamond files is also essential if you want them to last a lifetime.

Different ways to clean your manicure and pedicure tools as well as the Sacha claw file for animals with use at home.

For nail files, there is no need to clean them after each use, but about once a month. Take a small soft brush, water and soap, then brush gently to remove all the particles and dust from nails encrusted between the diamond grains. Rinse with water and dry naturally or with a hair dryer before storing your file in its case.

Diamancel recommends cleaning the rasps and buffers for calluses of the feet after each use. Use a small soft brush with soapy water, then rinse and dry in the open air or with a hair dryer. Store in the case.

For the Sacha file, clean it after use with soapy water using a small soft brush, then rinse and allow to air dry or with a hair dryer before storing in his case.


Each nail file, foot rasp, foot buffer and Sacha file can be soaked in an anti-bacterial solution such as alcohol for 10 minutes to be disinfected. Then rinse with water and dry before storing in the case. Never soak in bleach.