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Diamond nail files for pets

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New Diamancel #21 foot rasp

At DIAMANCEL, we listen to our customers and do everything to satisfy them. That’s why we just created the brand new foot rasp # 21, a finishing rasp, always the same Diamancel quality criteria, real diamond, flexibility and you can disinfect or sterilize without any problem.

To eliminate your calluses, first use the #20 coarse foot rasp on your dry feet, then finish, always on your dry feet, with the new #21 fine foot rasp, which will leave you feeling soft and smooth. If you have very few calluses and only want to exfoliate the dry skin of your feet, use only the #21 foot rasp on your dry feet.

Then moisturize your feet with Diamancel Herbal Foot Cream with Juniper and Queen-of-Meadows and Avocado Oil.

The format is identical to the #20 foot rasp, very convenient for the trip. These rasps have the advantage of being very light while being very effective without effort and not to take up space in the suitcase or in the closet of the bathroom.