Get your face and your body ready for summer!

With the arrival of swimsuit season, are you worried by the prospect of dry, sun-parched skin? We’ve found the best products for your body and ...

Diamond nail files for pets

It’s never easy to file the claws of your pet. Whether you’re the happy owner of a dog, cat, rodent, parrot or parakeet, filing claws is a difficult procedure ...

Welcome to the new Diamancel website!

The whole team here at Diamancel is proud to present our new website, which will be the delight of our clients and our clients’ clients. Easy to ...


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Diamancel News

Choose the right Diamancel files for your nails

It is important to know your nails well, to use the file appropriate to their qualities. Here are the different categories of nails that can be found: Fin, fragile and prone to break natural fingernails Average thickness natural fingernails Thick natural fingernails Toenails Sculptured nails- resin, gel or acrylic false nails Here is a little summary that will help you make the right choice of your file: For fragile and prone to break fingernails, use our #1 fine grit flexible file for a precise, smooth and even finish. For most average thickness fingernails, use our #2 medium grit flexible file. For a smoother finish, follow by our #1 fine grit file. Alternatively to our #2 file, our #6 semi-flexible can be used for […]

How to use Diamancel foot callus files and foot callus buffers

You have calluses on the feet. Thick, dry, and sometimes rough skin will settle on your feet and start to get in the way of walking or you may find it just unsightly.  Diamancel answers your problem  and provides you with a variety of high quality tools, manufactured entirely in its Montreal, Canada plant. Indeed, all foot callus files as well as all Diamancel foot callus buffers are designed on a flexible base that is not at all metallic but fiberglass, with grains of real diamond, not synthetic. Diamond means durability because it is the hardest mineral at the moment. Our products are therefore durable, flexible and can not hurt you when using them. You can use the foot files […]

New DIAMANCEL color foot rasps #20 and #21

How to take care of your feet while wanting to be a little more trendy ? Diamancel answers this question by giving color to its high quality real diamond products. There is now the foot rasp  for calluses #20, the coarse, and the new foot rasp #21, the fine, for finish, in different colors. We offer 6 different colors for the moment. Diamancel can satisfy everyone, women and men, who want to take care of their feet. The manufacturing process remains unchanged and the quality is always the same. The only thing that differs is the color on the back of the product. For best use, always use on dry feet, then clean the diamond part of the rasp with a soft […]

25 years of DIAMANCEL and always at the top with new products !

Diamancel celebrates 25 years. We are from the beginning the reference in the field of manicure-pedicure with our nail files, rasps ans foot buffers in real diamond, entirely made in Montreal, Canada in our  manufacture. Our products are recognized worldwide and various magazines have also praised their incredible qualities. We wish to thank our customers of the first hours, always faithful and convinced of the qualities of DIAMANCEL as well as the new ones who discover us. And, on this occasion, DIAMANCEL has a new look with its new website and launches the #22 extra coarse foot callus buffer the #21 fine foot callus rasp its brand new color range, with the Diam’Color a mini color pocket files in […]

New Diamancel #21 foot rasp

At DIAMANCEL, we listen to our customers and do everything to satisfy them. That’s why we just created the brand new foot rasp # 21, a finishing rasp, always the same Diamancel quality criteria, real diamond, flexibility and you can disinfect or sterilize without any problem. To eliminate your calluses, first use the #20 coarse foot rasp on your dry feet, then finish, always on your dry feet, with the new #21 fine foot rasp, which will leave you feeling soft and smooth. If you have very few calluses and only want to exfoliate the dry skin of your feet, use only the #21 foot rasp on your dry feet. Then moisturize your feet with Diamancel Herbal Foot Cream with […]