Diamond nail files for pets

It’s never easy to file the claws of your pet. Whether you’re the happy owner of a dog, cat, rodent, parrot or parakeet, filing claws is a difficult procedure ...

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Diamancel News

Diamancel takes care of pets

Diamancel created the SACHA file for the claws of our animals a few years ago. Now, SACHA comes in three sizes to address all animals, dogs, cats, rabbits, parrots, miniature pigs, rodents… always with the same true diamond grit. When one decides to have an animal, one also chooses to take care of him, and his claws grow every day. He uses them naturally while walking and moving on rough ground. But it is necessary to file his claws once a month because they are fragile and can sometimes tear and make him suffer. The SACHA files will be very good at filing them because they are durable, hygienic, washable and safe for the animal.

Diamancel files are not metal

Attention, it is important not to confuse the DIAMANCEL files with files, similar, metal, stainless steel or sapphire. Indeed, the latter damage the nails because they are very abrasive because of grains often too big and sometimes badly arranged. The nails will then have a tendency to split. DIAMANCEL files use unique patented technology. They are made with genuine diamond particles on a fiberglass base. Each file has a grain suitable for each category of nails, fragile, sick, normal, thick, natural, sculptured nails, acrylic nails, toe nails and flexibility necessary and sufficient to file. To really appreciate the DIAMANCEL files, you have to try them. You will be conquered and convinced. DIAMANCEL files are unique, there are no others.

The right way to file your nails.

The best technique for filing your nails is to pass the file in one direction, from the left outside to the center, then from the outside right to the center, so as to smooth the scales of your nails. At the end, if necessary, you can gently file the tip of the nail. The ideal is to finish the care of your nails by applying a cream or an oil to nourish the nail and its cuticles. Do not ever file your nails in a back and forth motion, it could traumatize the nail and lift the scales that compose it. All the Diamancel products on


Definition: Calluses are a thickening, usually yellowish, enlarged skin on the soles of the feet, heel or on the outer side of the big toe. The causes: They are due to repeated rubbing if the shoes are too tight or too high heels, if we stay up long and often, if we are overweight or if we have a health problem (diabetes, thyroid disorder, eczema or athlete’s foot). The effects: Calluses can be painful and unsightly. Solutions: Diamancel has designed real diamond products to fight and remove calluses without effort and without hurting you. Every week, file your feet. On dry feet, if you have a lot of calluses, use rasp # 20 then soften with the foot buffer #10 […]


The care of Your feet is as important in winter as in summer. We can adopt a new foot care routine very easy to avoid having dry and rought feet.   EVERY DAY : HYDRATATION. First, consider mositurizing Youri feet after bathing or showering with DIAMANCEL foot cream. This cream composed of Jupiner and Reine-Des-prés will ensure you tenderness and sweetness with a feeling of freshness. MINIMUM ONCE A WEEK : SANDING FEET. Before using the foot cream and to obtain an optimimu result, sand Youri feet to eliminate dry and rought skin with the rasp #20 then finish with the foot buffer #10 if you have a lot of calluses. Otherwise, use the foot buffer #11 (medium) then the foot buffer#10 […]