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With the arrival of swimsuit season, are you worried by the prospect of dry, sun-parched skin? We’ve found the best products for your body and ...

Diamond nail files for pets

It’s never easy to file the claws of your pet. Whether you’re the happy owner of a dog, cat, rodent, parrot or parakeet, filing claws is a difficult procedure ...

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The whole team here at Diamancel is proud to present our new website, which will be the delight of our clients and our clients’ clients. Easy to ...


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Diamancel News

New Diamancel #21 foot rasp

At DIAMANCEL, we listen to our customers and do everything to satisfy them. That’s why we just created the brand new foot rasp # 21, a finishing rasp, always the same Diamancel quality criteria, real diamond, flexibility and you can disinfect or sterilize without any problem. To eliminate your calluses, first use the #20 coarse foot rasp on your dry feet, then finish, always on your dry feet, with the new #21 fine foot rasp, which will leave you feeling soft and smooth. If you have very few calluses and only want to exfoliate the dry skin of your feet, use only the #21 foot rasp on your dry feet. Then moisturize your feet with Diamancel Herbal Foot Cream with […]

Foot care for the diabetic person

When you have diabetes, you have to take care of your feet to avoid complications that can become very serious, such as ulcerations that can lead to amputation. Make sure you wear proper shoes, do not walk barefoot, and do not stay too long in the water. If you see blisters, cuts, swelling of the foot or bruising, consult a specialist immediately. Every day, check the sensitivity of your feet and their elasticity. If the feet are dry, remember to deeply hydrate them for exemple with DIAMANCEL foot cream made from plants that also provides a real freshness. But above all, if you see calluses, do not let them settle. Use the Diamancel rasp # 20, in real diamond,gently, which […]

The Diamancel #5 file for hand calluses

Calluses of the hands are abnormal thickening and hardening of the skin in the hands due to repeated rubbing. They appear when the hands are solicited by repetitive movements, such as the use of tools, at work, at home, in the garden or practicing physical activity such as climbing, fitness training … These callosities are also visible in musicians playing string instruments and percussion. Diamancel created 25 years ago now a file specially designed to gently remove this dry skin and sometimes hard hands. And the rounded shape of the # 5 file also allows you to work all around the nail. It is used on dry hands for a result of the easiest and effective, always smoothly, without any […]

Why buy Diamancel diamond nail files.

You are looking for the best nail and foot file in the world, which is durable in years, able to file your nails without damaging them while respecting their thickness and their quality and whether they are natural or in acrylic or sculptured. DIAMANCEL, a Canadian company based in Montreal, meets all your needs, for the nails of the hands, the feet, as well as for dry and rough skin. For more than 25 years, Diamancel files have been using the same unique technology that gives you incredible, effortless work performance. The files are made with real diamond particles on a flexible basis. In addition, they have the advantage of disinfecting, which is essential for health-beauty professionals in manicure and […]

Diamancel takes care of pets

Diamancel created the SACHA file for the claws of our animals a few years ago. Now, SACHA comes in three sizes to address all animals, dogs, cats, rabbits, parrots, miniature pigs, rodents… always with the same true diamond grit. When one decides to have an animal, one also chooses to take care of him, and his claws grow every day. He uses them naturally while walking and moving on rough ground. But it is necessary to file his claws once a month because they are fragile and can sometimes tear and make him suffer. The SACHA files will be very good at filing them because they are durable, hygienic, washable and safe for the animal.