Diamancel Products Inc. is proud to introduce its Sacha™ Diamond Claws File for pets.

This patented and exceptional file utilizes diamond abrasive proprieties. Made with genuine diamond particles combined with a flexible base allows the Sacha™ file to deliver a never seen before filing. Making it the highest quality and durable claws file available.

    Diamond is a strong abrasive that provides fast and easy filing.
    Diamonds are the hardest mineral.
    Wash with soapy water using a soft brush.
    Can safely be soaked in any antibacterial solution.
    Non-traumatic for animal – compliance is maximized.
  • SAFE
    Safe to use, the edges of the file have a smooth finish.
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Sacha nail files for animals

Discover the Sacha nail files collection, a nice alternative for animals developed by Diamancel! Eliminate the nail-cutting step and replace it by a much easier and efficient method. Our Sacha nail files for animals made of diamond are sustainable and high quality. For those who are using the conventional nail clipper, our Sacha collection offers excellent complementary tools to soften the nails after cutting them.