Diamancel Products inc. is proud to introduce its Sacha™ Diamond Nail File for pets.

This patented and exceptional file utilizes diamond abrasive proprieties. Made with genuine diamond particles combined with a fibreglass base allows the Sacha™ file to deliver a never seen before filing. Making it the highest quality and durable nail file available.

    Diamond is a strong abrasive that provides fast and easy filing.
    Diamonds are electroplated onto the resistant.
    Wash with soap & water using a soft brush.
    Can safely be soaked in any antibacterial solution.
    Non-traumatic for animal – compliance is maximized.
  • SAFE
    Safe to use, the edges of the file have a smooth finish.
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Nail file for animals




The Sacha™ file answers consumer’s needs by offering them three types of uses:

A great alternative! Sacha™ Diamond File replaces the often-unpleasant cutting process with an easy & effective filing method. No cutting required! When a conventional nail clipper is used the Sacha™ File becomes an indispensable tool to smooth pet’s nails after trimming.

Ideal for regular maintenance of pet’s nails between grooming sessions.


  • | Find a stress-free location with appropriate lighting and make
    sure your pet is in a relax state before proceeding with filing.
  • | Find a position that is comfortable for both you and your pet. Firmly take hold of your pet’s paw or feet and gently press the dewclaw to reveal the nail.
  • | Use the SACHA FILE with a gentle side to side motion and file until desired length is obtained and each nail is smooth. (Important: stop filing before you reach the vein that passes through each nail or you might inadvertently injure your pet).
  • | Use the SACHA DIAMOND FILE on a regular basis. Proper maintenance of your pet’s nails will help prevent personal injury, pet injuries and household damages.


Keep your SACHA file in top condition by cleaning it with soap and water.


Reward your pet, after each Sacha filing session, with a treat to reinforce cooperative behaviour.