The long-lasting abrasive properties of diamonds with Diamancel.

Our innovative products offer numerous advantages to beauty care professionals and their clients.

    To file quickly and effortlessly.
    A profitable purchase because it’s more durable than any other file on the market.
    The files can be easily washed with soapy water.
    The files can be soaked in an antibacterial solution.
    The fiberglass handle is strong and flexible to facilitate filing.
    No effort required: the diamond does all the work for you.
    The files have been salon-tested to guarantee their effectiveness.
  • SAFE
    The files have no sharp edges.
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Hand file set

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This set of fingernail files is ideal for any woman seeking a full beauty regimen for her fingernails and toenails. Our file for calluses helps you remove dry, thick skin from around the fingernails. The coarse nail file is designed to shape sculptured nails, as well as toenails. You can use the flexible medium-grit nail file for daily upkeep of your natural nails and then finish them using the flexible fine file. Affordable and made to last a lifetime, this set is also perfect for beauty professionals looking to offer their clients high-quality care, while saving money on beauty supplies.


Included in this kit:

  • #1 Flexible file – Fine
    This flexible nail file is designed for those with fragile nails that are prone to breaking. Streamlined and precise, ideal for personal & professional use.
  • #2 Flexible file – Medium
    This flexible medium-grit nail file is suitable for most women with natural nails of average thickness. Ideal for daily upkeep or by beauty professionals.
  • #3 Flexible file – Coarse
    With its rough texture and durable design, the flexible coarse-grit nail file can easily file thick nails, as well as toenails.
  • #5 File for hand calluses
    Our nail file for hand calluses gently removes dry, hardened skin on both sides of the nail. Thanks to its rounded contours, filing the skin is easy.



Our nail files works better when they are clean. Wash them often with hand soap and water with a soft brush, then rince them with tap water.