The long-lasting abrasive properties of diamonds with Diamancel.

Our innovative products offer numerous advantages to beauty care professionals and their clients.

    To file quickly and effortlessly.
    A profitable purchase because it’s more durable than any other file on the market.
    The files can be easily washed with soapy water.
    The files can be soaked in an antibacterial solution.
    The fiberglass handle is strong and flexible to facilitate filing.
    No effort required: the diamond does all the work for you.
    The files have been salon-tested to guarantee their effectiveness.
  • SAFE
    The files have no sharp edges.


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Set of files for hands and feet

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This set of files for hands ans feet includes our main exclusive diamond files. This affordable assortment of nail filescallus files and foot buffers is a perfect choice for health and beauty professionals when it comes to providing foot care, hand care, nail application, manicures and pedicures. Affordable, hygienic and durable, these files are an ideal solution, enabling you not only to provide your clients with professional care, but also to give yourself a high-quality beauty break with our excellent products.


You can find in this kit:

  • #1 Flexible file – Fine
    This flexible nail file is designed for those with fragile nails that are prone to breaking. Streamlined and precise, ideal for personal and professional use.
  • #2 Flexible file – Medium
    This flexible medium-grit nail file is suitable for most people with natural nails of average thickness. Ideal for daily upkeep or by beauty professionals.
  • #3 Flexible file – Coarse
    With its rough texture and durable design, the flexible coarse-grit nail file can easily file thick nails, as well as toenails.
  • #4 Flexible file – Extra-coarse
    The extra-coarse nail file is specially designed to shape sculptured nails. If you’re a beauty professional, this file will be an indispensable tool for you
  • #5 File for hand calluses
    Our nail file for hand calluses gently removes dry, hardened skin on both sides of the nail. Thanks to its rounded contours, filing the skin is easy.
  • #6 Semi-flexible file – Medium
    With its rough texture and semi-flexible, durable design, this coarse-grit nail file can easily file thick nails, as well as toenails.
  • #20 Foot callus file- Coarse
    This powerful heavy duty rasp is able to decrease important foot calluses. Use it before the #10 finishing foot buffer.
  • #11 Foot buffer- Medium
    The “super” foot buffer is intended for those who need intensive foot care. It’s durable, hygienic and ergonomic, thanks to its rubber handle.
  • #10 Foot buffer- Fine 
    Durable, hygienic and ergonomic, thanks to its rubber handle, the fine-grit foot buffer is perfect for exfoliating dry, rough skin or in finish after #20 foot callus file or #11 foot buffer.
  •  Mini-file. Practical and compact, ideal for a perfect finish every day.



Our nail files work better when they are cleaned. Use on dry skin. Wash them often with soapy water with a soft brush, then rince them with water.