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A foot care cream with juniper and meadowsweet for maximum soothing action!

Diamancel foot care cream with juniper and meadowsweet prevents rough, cracked feet, restoring the skin to a soft, supple condition, while making it more resistant to chafing.

The plants used in its formulation have anti-inflammatory and astringent properties that work together to soothe and cool tired, irritated feet. Juniper promotes subcutaneous drainage, and the salicylic acid found in meadowsweet acts as an analgesic, relieving inflammation. And the avocado oil offers smoothness and penetration second to none.

When your feet are burning and sore after a long, hard day, nothing can beat the instantaneous effects of this cream. As soon as you apply it to the irritated areas, your feet will feel reinvigorated, refreshed and relieved. Rich and nourishing, it reduces swelling and provides a genuine sensation of wellbeing to tired, overworked feet. A gentle massage with Diamancel cream soothes burning, inflamed feet, replenishing their vitality and energy. It will creat a pleasant sensation of freshness and comfort. For chronically dry feet, it's recommended to make Diamancel foot cream part of your daily foot care routine.

For maximum results, buff your feet for example with our   # 22 FOOT CALLUS BUFFER- COARSE  before cream. After removing dead skin, massage the cream into your feet using gentle, circular movements.

Diamancel foot cream is not tested on animals.

Capacity: 90 ml 3 oz.

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