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Foot care for the diabetic person

When you have diabetes, you have to take care of your feet to avoid complications that can become very serious, such as ulcerations that can lead to amputation. Make sure you wear proper shoes, do not walk barefoot, and do not stay too long in the water. If you see blisters, cuts, swelling of the foot or bruising, consult a specialist immediately.

Every day, check the sensitivity of your feet and their elasticity. If the feet are dry, remember to deeply hydrate them for exemple with DIAMANCEL foot cream made from plants that also provides a real freshness.

But above all, if you see calluses, do not let them settle. Use the Diamancel rasp # 20, in real diamond,gently, which will remove calluses with efficient, effortless and, above all, painless work. Then finish to soften your feet with the foot buffer # 10 fine.

Wash, dry your feet well between the toes, a very important step for people with diabetes and still moisturize with foot cream. For toenails, you must cut them straight, never shorter than your toes and then file them with file # 6.