The # 5 Diamancel file for calluses on the hands


What is a hand callus file?

First of all, hand calluses are abnormal thickening and hardening of the skin on the hands.

Why do they appear? They are due to repeated friction. They appear when the hands are solicited by repetitive movements, such as the use of tools, at work, at home, in the garden or the fact of practicing a physical activity such as climbing, sports training such as fitness ... These calluses are also visible in musicians who play stringed instruments and percussion.

How does Diamancel respond to the problem? Diamancel created 29 years ago a file specially designed to gently remove this dry and sometimes hard skin from the hands. And the rounded shape of the # 5 file also allows you to work all around the nail.

How do you use it? File # 5 is used on dry hands for the easiest and most effective result. Always smooth, without any injury or pain. It can be disinfected in an antibacterial solution like all Diamancel files.

The Diamancel # 5 hand callus file is the only one currently on the market to have high professional qualities and at the same time be accessible to the public for home use. The # 5 file is durable, washes and sanitizes.

Diamancel wishes you good use.