Diamond files, a luxury that takes care of you and will last over and over.

Diamancel, specialist in pedicure manicures since 1994, designs files ensuring a remarkable filing of natural nails an false nails and files for skin calluses.


We design nail files adapted to each type of nail, rasps and polishers for hands and feet as well as a line for animals. We use a unique, patented technology that combines diamond and fiberglass.

Our expertise allows us to establish a relationship of trust with all of our customers. Innovation and the high quality of our brand are the keys to our success. We have become the benchmark in the field of quality manicures and pedicures.


Maintain unparalleled know-how since 1994.

Perfection at all levels of the company: committed and qualified employees.

Reliable, honest and trusting relationships with our partners.

Respect the environment by designing innovative, durable, hygienic, economical and eco-responsible products.

Provide our customers with a product of irreproachable quality and adapted to their needs.

Always deliver the best personalized and professional customer service while respecting deadlines and listening to their needs.