What is foot callus and how to eliminate it. Diamancel foot callus files are the answer.

Definition: Calluses are a thickening, usually yellowish, enlarged skin on the soles of the feet. Also, they can be  on heel or on the outer side of the big toe.

The causes: They are due to repeated rubbing if the shoes are too tight or too high heels. Also, if we stay up long and often or if we are overweight. And sometimes  if we have a health problem (diabetes, thyroid disorder, eczema or athlete’s foot).

The effects: Calluses can be painful and unsightly.

Solutions: We have designed foot callus files Diamancel in real diamond  to fight and remove calluses without effort and without hurting you.

Every week, file your feet. On dry feet, if you have a lot of calluses, use foot callus rasp Diamancel # 20 or the foot buffer #22.  Then soften with the foot callus file #21 or the buffer #10 fine.

If you have few calluses use the foot buffer #11 Foot callus buffer- Medium then the foot buffer# 10 fine to finish.

Once washed, your feet must be “nourished”, moisturize them with the Diamancel herbal foot cream with eucalyptus and Queen-of-Meadows and Avocado Oil.

Results: you’ll get baby’s feet