Prepare your face and body for this summer!

With the arrival of beach season, are you stressed out about having dry, sun-hungry skin? We've found the best products for your body and face to get you ready for the hot season in no time.

Rough, dry skin all over your body

How to cure it? Simple: hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! At least that's what New York plastic surgeon Dr. Mark Schwartz is proclaiming. "Products containing hyaluronic acid are particularly recommended, since the molecule of this product creates bonds with humidity to reach up to 1000 times its weight in water". Rachel Roff, founder of Urban Skin Rx, recommends using a body lotion rich in glycolic acid every 1-2 days, depending on your skin sensitivity. "Glycolic acid exfoliates dead skin and reveals skin tone smoother and more even. It is also the best ingredient for the control of keratosis pilaris, those small common and unsightly bumps that are found on the back, on the arms and on the thighs ”.

Acne on the face, back and buttocks

It 's not just facial acne that can make the prettiest woman shy in a bikini: acne on the back or butt can be very annoying for everyone. Rachel Roff recommends washing her skin daily with a sulfide-based cleanser, which destroys acne-causing bacteria and heals inflamed pores. Also apply a swab containing glycol and salicylic acid on the skin once or twice a day. "The back and buttocks have the thickest skin on the body, so a professional exfoliation session a few times a year in these areas can be a great idea."

The down of the figure

There is a very simple way to remove the little fuzz that is on your cheeks , your chin or the edges of your lips . The Dermaflash uses a blade specially designed for the delicate skin of the face to gently remove hair from the figure. “It also makes it possible to even out the complexion of the skin, to let it absorb products more easily and provides a perfect canvas for makeup,” says Dara Levy, the creator of Dermaflash.

Dry skin and calluses on the feet

Is the skin on your feet dying? Start by taking at least two quality pedicure tools - one rough the Diamancel foot file 20 or the foot callus buffer coarse grit22 and one fine grained  the foot file 21 or the foot callus buffer 10 and use them once a week on dry feet . Afterwards, exfoliate your feet in the shower using essential oil products to exfoliate, soften and hydrate your skin. Finally, massage your feet with Diamancel herbal foot care cream for at least 60 seconds.

See all the products of Diamancel nail and callus files and choose the product that suits your needs!