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The care of Your feet is as important in winter as in summer. We can adopt a new foot care routine very easy to avoid having dry and rought feet.   EVERY DAY : HYDRATATION. First, consider mositurizing Youri feet after bathing or showering with DIAMANCEL foot cream. This cream composed of Jupiner and Reine-Des-prés will ensure you tenderness and sweetness with a feeling of freshness. MINIMUM ONCE A WEEK : SANDING FEET. Before using the foot cream and to obtain an optimimu result, sand Youri feet to eliminate dry and rought skin with the rasp #20 then finish with the foot buffer #10 if you have a lot of calluses. Otherwise, use the foot buffer #11 (medium) then the foot buffer#10 […]


Definition: Calluses are a thickening, usually yellowish, enlarged skin on the soles of the feet, heel or on the outer side of the big toe. The causes: They are due to repeated rubbing if the shoes are too tight or too high heels, if we stay up long and often, if we are overweight or if we have a health problem (diabetes, thyroid disorder, eczema or athlete’s foot). The effects: Calluses can be painful and unsightly. Solutions: Diamancel has designed real diamond products to fight and remove calluses without effort and without hurting you. Every week, file your feet. On dry feet, if you have a lot of calluses, use rasp # 20 then soften with the foot buffer #10 […]

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Get your face and your body ready for summer!

With the arrival of swimsuit season, are you worried by the prospect of dry, sun-parched skin? We’ve found the best products for your body and your face to get you ready for the warm season in no time.

Rough, dry skin all over your body

What can you do about it? It’s simple: moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! At least, that’s what New York plastic surgeon Dr. Mark Schwartz says. “Products containing hyaluronic acid are especially recommendable, as [the molecule in this product] creates links with moisture to hold up to 1,000 times its weight in water.” Rachel Roff, founder of Urban Skin Rx, recommends using body lotion rich in glycolic acid every day or two, depending on how sensitive your skin is. “Glycolic acid exfoliates dead skin, revealing a smoother, more even skin tone. It’s also the best ingredient for controlling keratosis pilaris, those unsightly little bumps commonly found on the back, arms and thighs.”

Acne on the face, back and buttocks

It’s not only facial acne that can make even the most beautiful of women feel self-conscious in a bikini: acne on the back or buttocks can be embarrassing for just about anyone, male or female. Rachel Roff recommends washing your skin every day with a sulfur-based cleanser, which will destroy the bacteria that cause acne, while healing inflammation of the pores. You should also wipe the skin once or twice a day with a pad moistened with glycol and salicylic acid. “The back and buttocks have thicker skin than any other part of the body, so a professional exfoliation treatment on those areas a few times a year may be an excellent idea.”


Unwanted facial hair

There’s a simple way to remove the peach fuzz found on your cheeks, on your chin and around your lips. The Dermaflash facial exfoliating device uses a blade specially designed for the delicate skin of the face to gently remove unwanted facial hair. It also evens out your complexion and enables your skin to absorb products more easily. “Your make up will glide on effortlessly on the flawless canvas you have created,” claims Dara Levy, creator of Dermaflash.

Dry skin and calluses of the feet

Does the skin on your feet have a rough life? Start by getting at least two high-quality files, one coarse and one medium-grit, and use them once a week while your feet are dry. Afterwards, exfoliate your feet in the shower using products that contain essential oils to exfoliate, soften and moisturize your skin. Finally, rub your feet with shea butter for at least 60 seconds.

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